A Cooperative "Virtual Village" for Equity in Innovation

Realigning the startup ecosystem for ALL to win-win together.

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Alexis Snelling

Founder Series 00001


“We are saying No! to the innovation systems that led us to this 98% gender funding gap. We are not waiting 200+ years for someone else to solve it for us.  We’re solving it now for ourselves!

As the most resourceful founders in the world, we are forging a new path for us ALL to leverage our own collective social capital and our own mission aligned networks with Web3 technologies to focus on actual innovation, real utilities and added value together.

INOV8 DAO completely flips the script and unites the startup community in a revolutionary new way with refreshing transparency, action oriented and in a sustainably equitable way for future founders to thrive as innovators.”


Abby Sugar

Founder Series 00001

CEO Play Out Apparel

“I am always focused on inclusion and diversity - and when it comes to fundraising, finding ways to create more opportunities and access for underrepresented groups. When it comes to crypto and NFTs, it’s important to democratize participation, and not re-create the same inequities as the systems in the real world. There is a huge opportunity to make change here.

I’m excited by the utility behind creating an accessible and collaborative community, with participation and education as its core. AND by envisioning our Future Founder cards as trading cards, offering real access to the founders as a part of owning one of their cards. Imagine if you could have a 30-minute conversation with Whitney Wolf Herd or Elon Musk by (verifiable blockchain) ownership of a card? How cool! We all have incredible missions and stories, and are deeply committed to giving back and changing the system.”


Deke  Dike

Founder Series 00001

CEO Omatochi


Michelle Zaffino

Founder Series 00001

CEO MyLibrarian

 “We’re changing the way money is raised. Future Founder cards are an  investment for the buyer and a collaborative source of funding for founders. I’m excited to be a part of this revolution that’s equalizing access to capital.”


Oh Tepmongkol-Wheaton

Founder Series 00001

CEO OhZone Inc

“It’s crazy to me that there’s 10+ ways to get to heaven but when it comes to founders getting funded the current ecosystem tells us there’s only 1 way to get there. I am excited because this provides founders more ways to get funded.”

VR Games

Next Gen Founder

We’re recruiting all impact and mission driven founders to join us and register yourself as a Future Founder today and start taking action together to revolutionize more equitable and sustainable access to the resources we we need to succeed together.


Join Our HER Coalition

Uniting Activists for Equity in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Bottom Up & Transparent

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Creative Synergy

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Lasting & Measurable Impact


#RealRaise Tenants

Uniting a "Virtual Village" with HER: Humanity | Empathy | Responsibility

Crowd of People

Let's Make Real Impact Together

Take Action Today for All Our Futures Tomorrow

Founders & Leaders

Calling ALL SDG Future Founders globally to join the "Virtual Village" as a Founder.

Media & Press

Ensure more equitable access to our stories are featured.  Share your editorial superpowers for good by joining our #RealRaise "Virtual Village" and telling our Real-Raise Report stories each quarter.


Share your projects and superpowers that align with our #RealRaise pillars by joining the #RealRaise "Virtual Village".  Engage Quarterly with our Real-Raise Report to support. 

We are all about collaborating and uniting aligned missions & projects so we can foster more equitable outcomes for all of our communities. Learn more about the HERCoalition.

Scouts & Investors

Connect with deals and talent joining the #RealRaise "Virtual Village" as a Scout


Action in Progress

  • SheFundraises X The Fourth Floor Pitch Event
    Thu, Dec 08
    Dec 08, 9:00 AM PST
    Join SheFundraises founders and The Fourth Floor Back Room founders and investors at our pitch event, featuring SheFundraises Circle and Back Room startups who are currently fundraising.
  • RealRaise Quarterly Summit (Q4)
    Thu, Nov 24
    Globally Online
    Nov 24, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST
    Globally Online
    Fostering a Cooperative StartUp World with HER: Humanity + Empathy + Responsibility WeTransact hosts #HERchangers globally who are pulling together to innovate many new ways of collaborating and turbocharging their world-changing companies for the greater good of society.
  • SheFundraises X Angels
    Tue, Nov 08
    Nov 08, 9:00 AM PST
    Join SheFundraises founders and select Angel investors at our pitch event, featuring SheFundraises Circle startups who are currently raising and Angels who are currently investing. Log in at

Join Us.

Register in our "Virtual Village" to access our quarterly "Virtual Village" Real-Raise Report along with the upcoming event invites.  All members of the "Virtual Village" can submit quarterly updates/shares as well as vote on the submitted Real Raise Summit panelist nominees, discussion topic circles and event proposals.  By acting together each quarter we will foster greater impact and alignment for all of our aligned missions.