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Community Guidelines

A Cooperative "Virtual Village"

WeTransact strives to maintain a high-impact community that embodies its core values and membership criteria.

We expect all members to understand and adhere to our guidelines and Community Agreement.

Not doing so may lead to non-renewal of WeTransacts "Virtual Village" membership.

The list of expected behaviors below is not all-inclusive.


Core to #RealRaise Movement powered by WeTransact is our emphasis on seeking authentic alignments

With #HER: Humanity, Empathy and Responsibility

  • Humanity and are truthful, thoughtful, considerate, and communicative - but also understanding of each other. 

  • Empathy, mutual understanding, and kindness tend to lead to better outcomes for everyone involved. 

  • Responsibility and accountability for our individual, professional, and corporate impact in our communities. ​


The list of expected behaviors below is not all-inclusive.

Not following expectations or alignment with our HER principles may lead to non-renewal of WeTransacts "Virtual Village" membership.

  • Maintain a huge giving > asking ratio.

  • Being conscious about setting healthy boundaries (focusing on giving in a way that energizes vs. depletes).

  • Being respectful of each other and each other’s time; this includes: 

    • ​Expressing gratitude to other members, either during/after 1x1 interactions, or by providing a shoutout or praise.

    • Following through with attending a member-hosted events you’ve RSVP'ed to or received a free ticket for.

    • Rescheduling member-offered 1x1 opportunities only if absolutely necessary.

    • Being proactive and communicative about changes in plans as they pertain to member offers or other arrangements made with members.

    • Never “hard selling” members on products/services, especially if it pertains to an offer that had been extended to the group.

    • Not engaging in cold outreach/solicitation of members.

    • Not assuming or expecting members to provide services for free (unless a specific offer on this has been made).

    • Not collecting/using email addresses shared within WeTransacts "Virtual Village" for a purpose other than what the email addresses were provided for.

  • Being extremely thoughtful about referrals and recommendations made/having best interest of community members in mind:

    • ​Not recommending services without having a personal (and positive) working history with the service in question - and not recommending services just to receive free services or other benefits in return.

    • On the flip side, being vigilant when assessing service providers. WeTransacts "Virtual Village" does not endorse any service provider recommendations made within the community. Recommendations should purely be viewed as an initial set of providers to do further research on, and to evaluate if they truly are a good fit.

  • Connecting with fellow members and trying to truly get to know them.

  • Proactively encouraging, cheerleading and supporting fellow members.

  • Familiarizing oneself with community and posting guidelines, and adhering to them.


We don’t aim to play “referee”/”judge” (and situations rarely are black/white), but creating this feedback loop is immensely important to us as it provides us with the opportunity to take action, informs our overall decision-making, and helps hold everyone more accountable for their actions.

You can use this (anonymous) form to​ provide positive or constructive feedback about specific members as well as member-recommended services. If you prefer, you may also hop on a brief 1x1 call with one of our team members to share your feedback. 

Terms of Use & Guidelines: CV

Virtual Village

100% Fostering Cooperative Alignments

Our Virtual Village provides everyone an asynchronous approach to skip "BS" and instead focus that time & energy on reaching their milestones and goals together each quarter. 

The Virtual Village is powered on the WeTransact | Live Stack platform to automate these circles of engagements and provide our community members with the tools to foster more efficient paths to reach their aligned missions together.

It's an open and revolving door to participate each quarter in the ways that resonate and align best with you.

LiveStack Circles

Somewhat vetted & self guided circle are FREE to join and not vetted besides community rules here.

Any H.E.R aligned founders, allies/partners, and investors can request access to these groups, basic screening takes place.

By reaching a much wider audience, this is the perfect setting for expanding your network, brushing up on your fundraising skills, finding your next hire and/or promoting an upcoming event with the "Virtual Village" community. Join a circle(s) working on a specific project or goal to begin sharing & connecting with ongoing circle opportunities HERE.

Quarterly #RealRaise Interactive Reports

Providing cliff notes and clips from the Real-Raise Summits and the updates submitted by the Virtual Village members.  

Registration to any of the Real-Raise Summits, Circles and/or "Virtual Village" are provided quarterly Interactive Action Report to help the community reach their micro-traction goals/asks each quarter.  Go HERE to subscribe or renew your FREE subscription as a "Virtual Village" member to participate access and engage each quarter.  Saving time & being more resourceful with all our superpowers and resources to maximize our impact together.

Quarterly #RealRaise Summits

Featuring thought leaders, panels and action oriented workshops to work together to end founder isolation by creating more equitable alignments & access to resources for the "Virtual Village".

Active "Virtual Village" subscribers are able to be listed as a potential panelist, speaker, host based on their area of expertise on the topics being covered.  The "Virtual Village" votes as a cooperative on the topics that are most relevant to their needs/wants each Quarter. Go HERE to subscribe or renew your FREE subscription as a "Virtual Village" member to participate in the #RealRaise Summit & Interactive Report each quarter.

#RealRaise Video Series

Founders are paying it forward to normalize the entire founder experience from idea to ROI by sharing real founder stories and candid advice to fellow founders in real time.

Ongoing #RealRaise video Series is shared FREE on YourTube to pay it forward to the next founder in the trenches of fundraising and building their  world changing companies.  Go HERE to join as a founder member to connect & share.

NFT Founder Trading Card Series

Featuring Impact leaders & #HERChangers to create a more equitable way to raise "founder grants" for their SDG focused startups.

The INOV8 DAO is currently under construction. Each Series acts as a Sub-DAO for the "Virtual Village" Future Founders to vote each month to disperse founder grants raise from the proceeds of their NFT Trading Card Series.  Fostering more cooperative and non-dilutive opportunities for founders to support themselves and extend their runways.  Everyone wins when we buy, share, trade these collector NFTs. Join our waitlist to launch the 1st NFT Future Founder Trading Card Series.

#RealRaise Media Features

Amplifying "Virtual Village" and SDG mission driven projects focused on solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ongoing #HERchanger intros are shared publicly on Medium.  

Join as a "Virtual Village" media circle to HERE : Media and Press circle. With you Media Pass you can get 1st rights to publish and/or ask our "Virtual Village" for your next piece.  

Terms of Use & Guidelines: CV
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