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Innovation is a Human Right.

An alliance for combined action to

Access | Collaborate | Innovate

with HER

The HER Coalition are uniting activists fighting for Equitable Access in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  It’s not just a female, minority problem, or socioeconomic problem, it’s a human innovation gap problem that needs to be solved together.  In accordance with the SDG 2030 goals and objectives we all have a part to play to solve this innovation gap together with HER: humanity, empathy and responsibility. 

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Everyone is welcome.

Register in our "Virtual Village" to submit your quarterly updates and asks to help you reach your next milestone this quarter. After the the Real-Raise Summit each quarter we will send out the updates via our Real-Raise Report to the entire"Virtual Village" to support each other with our asks.  By acting together each quarter we will foster greater impact and alignment for all of our aligned missions.  The circles below are created to manufacture more serendipity across the ecosystem to foster more aligned support as it's needed between the quarterly updates & reports.

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Access 1st rights and exclusives covering topics around innovation, entrepreneurship, equity, access and the future of work/education/tech/leadership

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Allies in Arms

HERchanger Communities Taking Action Together for Equitable Outcomes in Innovation



Leveling the playing field of innovation from idea to ROI for Innovation Centers and Entrepreneurship Programs globally.  Accelerates and scales your innovation processes to solve the world's biggest problems better together with your communities.


Anthem Awards

Brought to you by The Webby Awards, The Anthem Awards honors the purpose & mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide. By amplifying the voices that spark global change, we’re defining a new benchmark for impactful work that inspires others to take action in their own communities.



Our Vision: A world of shared prosperity and social justice, founded on:

/   Equity, human rights, and economic empowerment
/   A sustainable environment
/   Healthy individuals and communities
/   Quality education

Tides accelerates the pace of social change, working with innovative partners to solve society's toughest problems. We believe that to achieve shared prosperity and social justice, we must take a collaborative, bold approach to the work.


Google Women TechMakers

Google's Women Techmakers program provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.

fondation positive planet-shetransact-.webp

Positive Planet US

Positive Planet’s mission in the US will be to achieve local and international co-operation in supporting international problems of an economic, social, civic, or ecological character.

ECN logo_Real_Raise_Ally_HERCoalition.jpeg

Executive Council Network

Executive Council Network (ECN) is an "invitation-only" network offered to senior corporate leaders and startup innovators who believe in the power of partnerships, community, learning and driving impact in the world beyond the corporate walls.


Wichita State University ignitor Program

The ignitor accelerator is for people with ideas who are looking to start building a business in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas.



Radivision is the new Startup World streaming + community + investment discovery platform that entertains, informs, and connects viewers to radical visionaries and their companies. Radivision is on a mission get more startups and emerging managers funded, while delivering private market investment access to everyone.



No-code decision-making app builder that unlocks and scales institutional knowledge. Make Better Decisions, Faster.  We empower experts to map and share their logic so that others have access to better decision-making!



Visualize and navigate your path through life.
Share the milestones that matter. Get the help you need to reach what’s next.


Joy of Mom

To unite and empower women everywhere to be unapologetic warriors and sisters while navigating the ever-evolving life cycle of motherhood.



Topknot is a personal development club where you learn about yourself, make plans, and take action. Gather online for structured conversations and accountability, leave with clarity and purpose.


The Guild

The leading global community to learn, connect and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders in entrepreneurship.


The Fourth Floor

A Market Network on a Mission to Close the Gender Wealth and Funding Gap by Diversifying Boardrooms and Cap Tables.


Catalytic Icon

Catalytic Icon is an invite-only founder community that intentionally creates an immersive, transformative environment where entrepreneurs optimize the pace at which success is achieved. Catalytic Icon focuses on #hackingfoundergrowth through worthwhile connections and relevant conversations that are not happening in any other community.


The Female Founders Lab

We help early stage, purpose-driven founders who have a vision to transform their industry to become more regenerative, sustainable, holistic, democratic, or just, to go from feeling alone, stuck, and/or broke, to quantum leaping into capital, visibility, and aligned partnerships.

scroobious_logo_final_04_crop2 (1).png


Scroobious empowers founders to create pitches that speak to investors and prepare for their next funding round or accelerator application.

SFR Logo _edited.jpg


Fostering a cooperative approach to fundraising side-by-side with fellow female founders.


Black Girl Ventures

BGV funds and scales revenue-generating businesses founded by Black/Brown women. We believe in a world where ALL ideas have a chance to succeed.


Most Fundable Companies

To bridge the gap to get startup companies funded. We Believe In Great Companies. We Help Them Succeed. Not limited to Pepperdine and is not a pitch competition. Get objective feedback on how your business will be reviewed by potential investors and to prepare you as an investment ready deal.


Responsibility Ventures

Our mission is to back remarkable teams focused on Venture Scale Positive Impacts. We are a PreSeed VC Impact Fund who stands behind our Founders that promote all forms of positive impact as a core value driver--e.g., diversity, inclusion, empathy, social responsibility, ethics, customer love, humane actions, a focus on both people & planet.

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Calling All Allies
Join the HER Coalition

Collaborate and Innovate

The Real-Raise HERCoalition is officially open. Take advantage of forward-thinking keynote speakers, networking with influential HER Coalition leaders, and much more.  Join us in connecting the dots across all our ecosystems to maximize our impact and success together.

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