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It Takes a

"Virtual Village"

We're connecting ALL of our most aligned allies, investors and fellow founders to accelerate our world changing missions together.

A 100% Cooperative of HER changers who are uniting a better world with HER

Humanity | Empathy | Responsibility

Join the "Virtual Village" of HER changers by registering below in all categories that fit how'd you'd like to participate and to best connect you to our shared resources for your world changing mission.

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Join the "Virtual Village"

  • Ally

    Activists for Equity in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Free Plan
    • Submit Quarterly Updates
    • Early Access Real-Raise Report
    • Vote on Summit Topics & Speakers
    • Ally Badge
  • Future Founder

    SDG Impact & Mission Driven Leaders
    Free Plan
    • Submit Quarterly Updates
    • Early Access Real-Raise Report
    • Register your Raise
    • Founders' Pitch Room
    • Vote on Summit Topics & Speakers
    • Founder Badge
  • Scouts & Investors

    Actively Investing in Future Founders
    Valid for one year
    • Submit Quarterly Updates
    • Early Access to real-Raise Report
    • Investor Circle & Deal Room
    • Investor/Founder Office Hours
    • Investor Badge
  • Media & Press

    Featuring "Virtual Village" Stories
    Free Plan
    • Submit Quarterly Updates
    • 1st Access to Real-Raise Report
    • Vote on Summit Topics & Speakers
    • Media Pitch Room
    • Media Badge
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Cooperative Acceleration of our Aligned Missions Together

Everything in the "Virtual Village" begins with by registering as a member and continues as you engage each quarter via the Real-Raise Summit and/or Interactive Action Report.

Once you join as a member you are able to share your world changing mission that others in the Virtual Village may also be interested in collaborating to offer/receive support.

We host a Real-Raise Quarterly Summit and Interactive Report.  Topics and featured speakers are 100% curated from within the "Virtual Village" based on the needs and expertise of you and your fellow #RealRaise members.

Take the first step and register to attend an upcoming quarterly Real-Raise Summit and/or start interacting with the RealRaise Action Report!

Networking Event
Join the Virtual Village: Overview

#RealRaise "Virtual Village" 

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Join Us.

Register in our "Virtual Village" to submit your quarterly updates and asks to help you reach your next milestone this quarter. After the the Real-Raise Summit each quarter we will send out the updates via our Real-Raise Report to the entire"Virtual Village" to support each other with our asks.  By acting together each quarter we will foster greater impact and alignment for all of our aligned missions.

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